Moeller Pipe Organs

Reconstruction of Blankenburg and Nichel

Blankenburg (Uckermark)
This organ was built in 1826 by Joh. Fried. Turley junior of Treuenbrietzen.
This was followed by several changes to the specifications.
In WWI the façade pipes had to be given away
(as the metal was needed for military purposes)
and were replaced by a curtain.
In 1966 most of the metal pipes were stolen
which made it impossible to play the organ.
After extensive cleaning and treatments against woodworms
the instrument could be restored.
This restoration was done in several steps.
Now all the pipes are present
and an electrical blower was added to the instrument.

Nichel, Land Brandenburg
This organ was built in the middle of the 19th Century
by Gottfried Wilh. Baer, Niemegk.
The church was hit and damaged by grenades towards the end of WWII.
Several grenade-fragments hit the organ
which made the instrument unplayable
for over 50 years.
In that time, all metal pipes disappeared.
In 1997 the first step towards the reconstruction
of the organ was taken.
In this picture you can see the first three stops
which were able to accompany the service again in 1999.


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