Moeller Pipe Organs

Burkhard Moeller's career

In preparation for his organ building career, Burkhard Möller completed a cabinet maker training/apprenticeship and then went to study with the famous organ building company Schuke in Potsdam, Germany. After finishing his training, he stayed with the company for eight years, during which he was able to acquire many special experiences in metal pipe building, voicing, as well as in all other areas of organ building.
In 1988, Burkhard founded his own organ building company in Blankensee, where he first primarily built pipes for other organ building companies.
Later he repaired many church organs, some of which had not been playable since the Second World War. Now they are sounding in full pulchritude again.
In 1994, Burkhard built the organ in Borkheide, which was his final project for the master of organ building degree.
The family moved to Canada in the year of 2000, where Burkhard worked for a Canadian company for almost three years.
In 2003, he established his own company again, in which he wants to continue the traditions of the "Orgel-Metallpfeifenbau" in Blankensee.

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